Fabric Engineering

Advanced Materials Science

Core Fabric Technologies
Our core fabric engineering capabilities, and in-house production of wovens, integrate manufacturing with research and lab verification, advanced laminating, and proprietary fabric bonding.

We develop yarn configurations and weaving technologies as defined by each engineering challenge.

Fabric Engineering for Advanced Materials Science
We specialize in optimizing fabric performance. Our experienced materials engineers are available to assist customers with their design specifications and system development.

Fabric Engineering
Fabric Engineering Test

We reduce the logistical burdens and variables in those applications where there's a high cost of failure—lives are at risk when existing materials cannot meet product specifications. We ensure that the end product is transparent to the user.

Cooperative Development Philosophy
Through active exchange and accountability, we create dynamic, lasting relationships with our customers during the development of specialized fabrics and flexible composite materials. Our partnership strategy is a powerful tool that brings together ideas and results in an efficient and rapid workflow.

Our organization's 135-plus year history of success in fabric engineering and development has been made possible by combining raw materials of superior quality with highly experienced production, engineering, and management staff. Our ISO 9001:2015-certification is further evidence of our commitment to quality and leadership.


From Challenge to Solution in Fabric Engineering

The Challenge

SpinSkins Fabric Engineering Challenge

Bohle, a leading bicycle tire manufacturer in Western Europe for more than 100 years, called upon Warwick to develop a lightweight, puncture-resistant material that could be integrated into Bohle's Schwalbe professional bike tires, while also improving overall weight savings.

Our Solution
We developed a TurtleSkin material for the High Density Guard puncture-resistance integrated into select Schwalbe bicycle tires: Ultremo, Marathon Supreme, Marathon XR, DD Racing Ralph, and DD Nobby Nic.

The lightweight, flexible fibers are more tear-resistant than titanium and more cut-resistant than aramid. This breakthrough provides a lighter weight, better overall riding performance, and superior puncture resistance—three essential characteristics often compromised when combined into one tire design.

Our focus on innovative materials and design strategies has allowed our partnership with Bohle to break performance barriers previously unrealized in the bicycle tire industry.—Warwick Engineer

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