Materials Engineering

Flexible Laminates for Advanced Applications

Engineered Fabric and Flexible Laminates
From laminates to reinforced fabrics, our engineered materials include puncture-resistant and high-tensile fabrics for space exploration, chemical and biological warfare, body armor, airships, flotation, reinforced rubber, diaphragms, and filters.

We specialize in the engineering of high-performance, robust composites for advanced applications. We work closely with our partners in the industries of international defense, military, aerospace, safety, and law enforcement.

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Materials Engineering

Breaking Performance Boundaries with Materials Research
The foundation of Warwick's corporate philosophy is a commitment to breaking performance boundaries through materials engineering, research, and development.

Our knowledge of weaving technologies provides our customers with seamless service during the production of high-performance, puncture-resistant laminates, from development to full-scale production and fabrication.

Warwick Mills' quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV USA. Our company has a focus on product quality and consistency. We offer more predictable results, proven quality assurance, shorter production times, and higher end-user confidence in product performance.

Materials Engineered for Safety and Protection
Warwick has unparalleled experience engineering high-performance fabric laminates, chemical biological barriers, fabrics for inflatable structures, and flexible composite materials:

  • Airbag fabric development for Mars rover landings: Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity
  • Lighter-than-air (LTA) vehicle hull and tape development
  • Chemical and biological laminate materials for military shelters
  • New fabrics and laminates engineered from advanced fibers: DuPont Kevlar® and Nomex®, Vectran®, Conex®, Teflon® Twaron®, and Spectra®
  • Marine inflatables for impact protection
  • Proprietary heat-seal bonding for specialty fabric laminates
  • Advanced RFL and isocyanate fabric coatings
  • Diaphragm material for vehicle turbo-chargers
  • Sailcloth for super yachts
  • TurtleSkin Body Armor: concealable and tactical body armor for ballistic and stab protection
  • TurtleSkin Protective Products: Gloves for safety and law enforcement, SnakeArmor hunting gaiters and chaps, WaterArmor protective gear for high-pressure water jet operators

From Challenge to Solution in Materials Engineering

The Challenge
Chem-Bio Tent Materials EngineeringIdentify and develop robust, lightweight materials and laminates for chemical biological protective structures that can be easily implemented by a variety of manufacturers.

Our Solution
Working with Natick Soldier System Center's Shelters Technology, Engineering and Fabrication Directorate (STEFD) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), we have developed chemical biological protective materials that can be assembled into a protective shelter for defense, military, and emergency personnel.

These protective barrier materials deliver the necessary properties of low weight, flame resistance, weather resistance, durability, low packing volume, structural heat seal, and thermal management. We are also developing rechargeable laminates that destroy chemical and biological agents on contact.

We have created impermeable barrier materials that meet the US Department of Defense's demanding specs for CBPS [Chemical Biological Protective Shelters] and JECP [Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection].
–Mary Ley, Research Chemist

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