Protective Snake Gear

Upland Hunting Pants

Patented TurtleSkin SnakeArmor snake gear hunting pants are cool, comfortable, lightweight, and durable

Superior Snake Gear for Upland Game Hunting

Most snake gear pants are heavy, stiff, and bulky. Using a mere 6 oz. fabric, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor snake gear pants are one-third the weight of other hunting snake gear pants yet are tested to repel even large rattlesnakes.

Never has a softer pair of snake gear pants been designed. These pants feature a soft and comfortable 100% cotton shell with a TurtleSkin system built into the entire bottom from the knee down. Cool, flexible, and breathable, these upland bird hunting pants are built to last.

  • One third the weight of other snake gear pants
  • Certified hunting results
  • Rugged and durable snake gear
  • Protects from even large rattlesnakes
  • Cool, comfortable design
  • Patented snake gear fabric

Patented Snake Gear Protection

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor's patented technology produces the tightest weave ever achieved with high-strength fibers. Its weave is locked so tightly that snake fangs can't slip past.

TurtleSkin's ballistic fibers are so strong they resist breaking and fraying. U.S. Patents 5,565,264 & 5,837,623 as well as other patents pending.

Sizes: 32" to 42" waist; in short, regular, or long lengths
Custom-sized hunting pants are available at an additional $25.00 charge. Custom products cannot be returned.

Colors: Khaki, Sage Green
MSRP: $233.00

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