TurtleSkin Industrial Work Gloves

Comfortable Puncture and Cut Resistance

Choose the industrial safety gloves with the level of puncture and cut resistance that best suits your protection needs

TurtleSkin Puncture Tests
The extra large puncture probe used for CE certification (European mechanical test EN388) relates to larger threats (nails, barbed wire) but is not effective in determining high-risk threats like glass slivers, metal shards, or needlesticks. Hypodermic needles bend easily and are difficult to test. As a result, no standardized needle puncture tests exist.

To demonstrate the needlestick protection of TurtleSkin Safety Gloves, we modified EN388 by using a 0.05 inch (1.27 mm) hardened steel probe that offers consistent, repeatable results, while also providing a fine tip similar to those found on many sharp objects.

Laboratory Tested and Certified
Warwick performs extensive lab testing on its products to ensure high levels of performance as well as consistent results. Warwick is ISO-9001:2015 certified and our on-site lab supports both product development and production certification.

We also participate in independent testing, such as Europe's CE Marking and US NIJ specifications for law enforcement and corrections applications.

Test probes on TurtleSkin puncture and cut-resistant fabric
Test Probes On TurtleSkin

TurtleSkin Industrial Safety Gloves provide the following cut and puncture resistance:

Protection Level 1:
10-35 ounce force
  TurtleSkin Insider
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage Natural
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage Natural Plus
  TurtleSkin Aramid
  TurtleSkin Cotton
  TurtleSkin SafeHandler

Protection Level 2:
35-70 ounce force
  TurtleSkin Insider Plus
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage 100% Aramid
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage 100% Aramid Plus
  TurtleSkin Aramid Plus
  TurtleSkin Cotton Plus
  TurtleSkin SafeHandler Plus

Protection Level 3:
70-100 ounce force
  TurtleSkin WorkWear
  TurtleSkin WorkWear Plus
  TurtleSkin Utility
  TurtleSkin SevereGear

Protection Level 4:
100+ ounce force
  TurtleSkin Sleeve
  TurtleSkin Sleeve Plus

For more information regarding TurtleSkin Industrial Safety Gloves, please call 603 291-1000 or email inquiries@warwickmills.com