Inflatable Fabrics

World-Class Technology

For more than 70 years, Warwick has specialized in the development and manufacture of inflatable fabric and flexible inflatable materials

Warwick specializes in inflatable technologies providing custom inflatable fabrics as well as heat-seal bonding and lamination manufacturing. A stratosphere balloon (Explorer II) made with our earliest inflatable fabric held the world record in altitude for more than 20 years.

Warwick's superior inflatable fabrics are used to make a variety of lightweight, portable, and rugged inflatable structures, including inflatable evacuation slides, inflatable buildings, inflatable shelters, inflatable tents, inflatable boats, inflatable flotation collars, inflatable lighter-than-air airships, and inflatable air domes.

Inflatable Fabric for Military, Aerospace, and Marine Applications

Rather than use PVC (heavy and highly permeable), Warwick uses urethanes in the development of materials for inflatable structures, which results in materials and fabrics that are subtantially lighter, offer greater durability, and provide excellent capability for retaining gases.