Airships and Aerostats

Ultra-Lightweight Flexible Fabrics

Airships, Aerostats, Blimps, High Altitude Weather Balloons

We develop ultralight, flexible fabrics and laminates designed for inflatable airships and aerostats.

Our lighter-than-air (LTA) technologies include specialty materials for hull, ballonet, and bias ply construction, as well as lightweight substrates using high-strength fibers like Vectran®.

Warwick has been an important supplier of airship hull and ballonet materials for the last 50 years, beginning with the weaving of blimp fabrics for the allied forces during World War II.

Airships and Aerostats
Inflatable Airship

In the development of lighter-than-air vehicle fabric, our airship innovations include the development of specialized fabrics and laminates for helium inflatables and bladders (airtight gas-retaining inner layers).

Warwick Partners with Northrop Grumman for Army Airship Project

(June, 2010) A new hybrid airship weapons system, just larger than the length of a football field, will take to the skies in just 18 months to provide an unblinking, persistent eye for more than three weeks at a time to aid U.S. Army troops in Afghanistan, according to Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) officials. More Read More

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