Inflatable Structures

TurtleSkin® Fabrics and Materials

Fabrics and Laminate Materials for Military, Aerospace, and Marine Inflatable Structures

Inflatable Structure Technology
Warwick's engineering and manufacturing capabilities combine to create very strong, lightweight materials for inflatable structures used in many different applications.

For over 70 years, Warwick has specialized in the development and manufacture of fabrics and materials for inflatable structures and flexible laminate composites.

Warwick offers engineering services providing custom inflatable fabrics as well as heat-seal coating and laminate development. Warwick is perfectly positioned to offer fabric development, research, manufacturing, and full-volume production of inflatable structures.

Inflatable Structures

Fabrics and Materials for Inflatable Applications
Warwick's integral knowledge of fabrics has played multiple roles in the development and manufacture of lightweight, portable, and durable materials for inflatable structures, including inflatable evacuation slides, inflatable tents and shelters, inflatable boats and buoyancy systems, radomes, and lighter-than-air vehicles.

Joining Systems for Inflatable Structures
Warwick has developed proprietary processes and equipment to create heat-sealed seams with superior tensile strength and durability.

Warwick's advanced abilities in adhesion chemistry offers design of custom coatings along with measurement, prediction, and calculated control of adhesion variables.

Warwick is a world-leading weaver of Vectran® and has developed "Best in Class" adhesion technology for bonding urethane to Vectran.