DuPont™ Nomex® Fiber

Enhanced Applications & Products

Warwick uses Nomex® brand fiber as a reinforcement in fabric used for diaphragm and hose construction, flight jackets and ballistic vests

Warwick uses Nomex®, a family of high temperature-resistant fibers from DuPont, to enhance the performance of many of our engineered fabric products.

Warwick specializes in ultra-lightweight Nomex® fabrics, in weights as low as 1.5 ounces per square yard. We have the ability to run standard Nomex® III and a unique capability to run 100% Kevlar® in a dyeable format.

Our organization is dedicated to manufacturing fiber systems to meet demanding flame retardant specifications.

Nomex Reinforced Hoses
Nomex Reinforced Hoses

The Nomex® family of reinforcement fabrics was developed for relatively high temperature applications. Hydrolysis, alkali, and oxidative resistance are all excellent. The Nomex® family is considered a premium class of fabrics for rubber reinforcement.

Here's what DuPont says about the advantages of Nomex®:
"Nomex® contains a blend of at least 5% Kevlar® to add greater protection, and a blend of proprietary antistat fibers to provide permanent antistatic characteristics.

This intimate blend gives Nomex® a unique combination of heat and flame resistance, anti-static behavior, durability, and aesthetics. Nomex is also resistant to most industrial oils, solvents, and chemicals, making Nomex® ideal for primary barrier clothing such as coveralls, fire-fighter jackets and trousers, foul weather gear, shirts, and accessories.

Under exposure to extreme heat, Nomex® brand fibers consolidate and thicken. The high temperature resistance and strength of Kevlar® brand fiber enables these swollen fabrics to remain intact. This is referred to as non-break-open protection.

Nomex® brand fibers are the most widely used high-technology fibers for heat and flame protective apparel. The fact that Nomex® can be dyed in a wide range of colors means that safety and corporate appearance can be combined into one hard-wearing, comfortable garment."

The following properties characterize Nomex®:

  • Excellent heat and flame resistance
  • Low shrinkage
  • Dyeable

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