Police and Corrections Gloves

Hand Protection for Law Enforcement Officers

Police gloves made with patented TurtleSkin deliver unsurpassed needle and cut protection for law enforcement and corrections officers

TurtleSkin Law Enforcement Gloves and Police Gloves represent the next generation in high performance law enforcement protection.

These advanced gloves give corrections and police officers advanced needlestick and cut protection in eight different models:

TurtleSkin Puncture Resistant Police Gloves
TurtleSkin Police Gloves

TurtleSkin Alpha Police Gloves TurtleSkin Alpha Gloves
The TurtleSkin Alpha Glove offers excellent cut and needle protection. The palm offers cut and needle puncture resistance, while the back of the glove provides slash protection. The Alpha Gloves offer a high level of dexterity and tactile sensitivity. The combination of protection and dexterity allows police and corrections officers to perform their duties with confidence and comfort.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $88.00

TurtleSkin Bravo Police Gloves TurtleSkin Bravo Gloves
The TurtleSkin Bravo Glove was designed with comfort in mind. Constructed with a mesh knit, the glove provides excellent breathability combined with cut and needle puncture protection. Extremely lightweight, the Bravo Glove is perfect for officers in warm weather.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $79.00

TurtleSkin Patrol Police Gloves TurtleSkin Patrol Gloves
TurtleSkin Patrol Gloves offer excellent cut protection throughout the glove. Lightweight, flexible leather and neoprene glove lets you perform your duties with superb dexterity. The palm is designed to give you better grip. Also ideal as a cooler weather glove and motorcycle glove.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $46.00

TurtleSkin Search Police Gloves TurtleSkin Search Gloves
No one knows how a protective uniform glove needs to perform better than the correctional officers who use them. That's why TurtleSkin Search Gloves were developed with input from corrections officers across the United States. This machine washable leather search glove features the highest needle and cut resistance available anywhere. CE marked and NIJ 99-114 tested.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $87.00

TurtleSkin Duty Police Gloves TurtleSkin Duty Gloves
This ultra-comfortable leather and stretch-knit glove is lined with a soft TurtleSkin patented fabric throughout the entire palm, giving it four times the needle resistance of typical leather tactical gloves.
Sizes: S-XXL
MSRP: $74.00

TurtleSkin NYDoCS Police Gloves TurtleSkin NYDoCS Gloves
TurtleSkin NYDoCS Gloves were designed specifically for the NY State Department of Correctional Services to prevent cuts from sharp objects and knives. This protective corrections glove features an all-leather shell lined with cut-resistant TurtleSkin.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $59.00

TurtleSkin Special Ops Police Gloves TurtleSkin Special Ops Gloves
TurtleSkin Special Ops Gloves represent the next generation in high performance law enforcement uniform apparel. Designed to provide protection where high levels of cut, puncture, abrasion, and flash protection are needed most, these protective gloves are ideal for SWAT and tactical situations.
Sizes: XS-XXL
MSRP: $69.00

TurtleSkin ChemBio Police Gloves TurtleSkin ChemBio Gloves
Only the TurtleSkin ChemBio glove couples a barrier membrane with a tough outer shell. The inner liner resists nerve and blister agents like GA, VX, HD, and HN, while the rugged outer shell provides cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance.
Sizes: M-XL
MSRP: $97.00


Not All Glove Materials are Created Equal

Puncture Resistance: Life-threatening diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis C can be transmitted through needlesticks and jabs during pat-downs and frisks.
Cut Resistance: Tissue and tendon damage can result. Infections occur if the blade is contaminated, causing further bodily damage.
Machine Washable: Properly remove contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and odors that collect on the gloves.
Dexterity Level: The ability to perform daily tasks easily and feel for contraband, such as drugs and weapons.

Corrections and Police Glove Comparison
Decide which TurtleSkin glove is the best choice for you.

TurtleSkin Model Puncture Resistance Cut Resistance Machine Washable Dexterity Level
Alpha Gloves High High No High
Bravo Gloves High High No High
Search Gloves High High Yes High
Duty Gloves High High No High
ChemBio Gloves High High Yes High
SpecialOps Gloves High High Yes High
NYDoCS Gloves Low Medium No High
Patrol Gloves Low Medium Yes High

Other Materials Puncture Resistance Cut Resistance Machine Washable Dexterity Level
Kevlar® Knit Low Medium Yes High
Spectra® Knit Low Medium Yes High
Latex Low Low No High
Leather Low Low No High
Neoprene Low Low Yes High
Synthetic Leather Low Low No High

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