PBI TurtleSkin Fabric

Urban Search and Rescue Gear

PBI TurtleSkin is the softest, lightest, most flexible fabric designed to pass NFPA 1951 USAR standard for Search and Rescue Gear

Lightweight, Comfortable, Rugged
PBI is the lightest outer shell system designed for USAR operations at only 5 oz./yd.2. Not only is it by far the most comfortable fabric for USAR operations, it also has PBI's ultimate flash protection plus TurtleSkin's patented rugged durability and puncture resistance.

Comparison of Fabrics Under Magnification
In the magnifications below, you can see the tighter weave of PBI TurtleSkin compared to the looser weave of ordinary USAR material. The advanced weave of PBI TurtleSkin results in greater protection, less weight, and increased durability in USAR garments.

Urban Search and Rescue Gear made with PBI TurtleSkin
Coat Made with PBI TurtleSkin

PBI TurtleSkin

Magnification of PBI for Search and Rescue Gear

• Smooth, soft feel
• Low Weight: 5 oz./yd.2
• Excellent flash resistance
• Highest puncture resistance: 9.6 pound-force
• Patented tight weave
• Provides better durability

Ordinary USAR Fabric

Magnification of ordinary USAR fabric

• Coarse feel
• Heavy Weight: 6 oz./yd.2
• Low flash resistance
• Low puncture resistance: 3.8 pound-force
• Loose weave leaves holes that snag and tear

Patented Protection
Unlike low-tech fabrics, PBI TurtleSkin is made with a new patented technology that produces an extremely tight weave using ultra protective PBI fiber. The result is a smoother, more durable, lightweight shell fabric with superior flash and electric arc protection that sets a new standard for USAR outer shell puncture resistance and comfort.

PBI TurtleSkin combines Warwick Mills' patented TurtleSkin puncture technology with the ultimate flash protection and flexibility of PBI fibers to provide the lightest, most comfortable garments for NFPA 1951 USAR Operations.

Puncture Resistant
In addition, PBI TurtleSkin provides a new level of puncture resistance to better protect USAR personnel from injuries caused by glass, metal, or other sharp objects.

NFPA Test Requirement PBI TurtleSkin
Breaking Strength > = 70 lb. 120 x 124 lb.
Abrasion Resistance > = 50 lb. 76 x 150 lb.
Tear Resistance > = 5 lb. 15 x 15 lb.
Cleaning Shrinkage < = 5% 5 x 0 %
Flame Resistance < = 4" char 1.7" x 1.4"
Heat Resistance > 500F Pass
Thermal Shrinkage < 10% Pass
Spray Resistance > = 80 90