Comfortable Gloves that Protect Your Hands from Needles and Puncture

Protective cut-resistant gloves have been on the market for years, but no glove provided true puncture protection. Now patented TurtleSkin Gloves and Sleeves offer protection from both cuts and punctures.

Thin, Yet Very Protective
Don't be deceived by TurtleSkin's thin profile - although the material is less than the thickness of three sheets of paper, it provides superior protection against injuries from nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters, and all types of needles.

Flexible and Comfortable
TurtleSkin Protective Gloves provide the protection you need without sacrificing the flexibility and comfort that you want. Although no glove is 100% puncture proof, TurtleSkin Gloves may be the closest one available to a true puncture proof glove.

Safety and Law Enforcement Protective Gloves

Protective Safety Gloves Protective Gloves for Police Officers
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