Twaron Fiber Applications

Strong Materials for Puncture Resistance

Warwick utilizes Twaron fiber in custom fabric applications

Warwick uses Twaron fiber, a para-aramid, in a variety of custom, high-tech applications.

We also use Twaron as a fiber to help strengthen material used in cut- and puncture-resistant products.

Lightweight Twaron fiber offers high tensile strength, abrasion, and flex resistance, as well as excellent durability.

Twaron fiber yarn spools
Twaron Fiber Yarn Spools

Here's what Tejin Aramid says about the advantages of Twaron fiber:
"By replacing traditional materials with new, improved products, such as aramid fiber, Twaron is cutting waste, creating new opportunities, and helping to reduce environmental overload.

Twaron is a lightweight, super strong synthetic fiber made from aramid polymer. Aramid molecules are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains linked by strong hydrogen bonds, which transfer mechanical stress back and forth, rather like a zipper. This permits the use of chains of relatively low molecular weight.

Twaron's unique characteristics derive from the ability of the aramid molecules to orient themselves along the line of flow during the spinning process producing the fiber, forming straight strands that resemble uncooked spaghetti. By comparison, the much weaker fibers made from polymers such as nylon and polyester resemble the tangled mass that cooked spaghetti becomes."